About Special K Sphynx

Special K Sphynx is a small home based sphynx cattery. We are lucky enough to reside in a beautiful country setting, approximately an hour from Halifax NS. Here we own approximately 11 acres of land on the Atlantic Ocean, and a century old farmhouse. Kristen has retired from the Royal Canadian Navy, and now devotes all her time to breeding healthy, happy sphynx, and bettering the breed.

Although we may be a new cattery, we have many years’ experience caring for and owning the breed. We also have wonderful mentors that stand behind us and our breeding practices. Our sphynx come from all over North America, including BC, Quebec, and California.

Special K Sphynx is a closed cattery, meaning we do not allow visitors into our cattery, with the exception of those picking up their new babies. This is done to ensure the health and temperament of our babies. Many illnesses and disease can be carried on one’s person, and or clothing, and we are not willing to take that risk with our babies. We continue to offer continuous photos and videos showing you updates, and are always available to answer your questions or concerns.

Special K Sphynx donates 10% of all profits to the Pet Focus Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital Angels with Fur Fund. This fund goes to helping those who cannot afford veterinary fees, but whose baby’s require medical attention.

We are TICA , ACFA. CCA and CFA registered cattery. We are also a HCM scanning cattery.