Ethical Breeding

Special K Sphynx is an ethical breeding cattery. This means we only have as many cats as we can personally care for, and give one on one attention to each and every day. Our cats are not kept in cages, and have free range throughout our home. All of our babies are placed by contract, and all potential owners will be interviewed. We will not place one of our babies into a home we do not feel comfortable with.


The Ten Commandments of an Ethical Breeder

  1. All kittens are placed by contract.
  2. All kittens are placed with a health guarantee.
  3. Reputable breeders insist and contracts the return of kittens / cats should the purchaser be unable to keep them.
  4. All prospective owners are carefully interviewed, and each breeder has a specific set of requirements to be met.
  5. Breeders are both willing and able to educate the novice. They will happily answer questions regarding the breed and their breeding program.
  6. Reputable breeders insist on being informed of genetic, health or behavior problems the kitten / cat develops.
  7. Reputable breeders do not have more kittens / cats then they are able to keep clean, healthy and socialized.
  8. Breeders spend individual time with each and every cat / kitten.
  9. The breeder is concerned with the temperament as well as the health of the kitten / cat.
  10. The breeder makes themselves available for the advice and help to other breeders throughout the life of the kitten / cat they have placed.