Adoption Application

Are you over the age of 21?

Do you own your home?

If renting, do you have landlord's approval? (Proof required)

Do you or any members of your family/other occupants in your home suffer from allergies to cats?

Are you aware of the Sphynx special grooming requirements, and are you prepared to take on this responsibility for the life of you Sphynx?

Are you prepared to pay veterinary bills your Sphynx may incur in its lifetime (i.e. yearly check-up, annual booster or emergency veterinary bills) ?

Are you prepared for the “Little Extras” your new Sphynx may require? Such as, warm fleece sweaters and a heat-pad to keep your Sphynx warm when you aren’t home?

Are you prepared to allow a isolation/settle-in period (minimum 72 hours up to 14 days) when your Sphynx arrives in your home? This gives your kitty time to adjust to his/her new surroundings, smells, and new home before meeting all members of his new family and exploring his/her new home.

Are you aware of the disease Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and the Sphynx’ unfortunate high risk of developing it? **Even though breeders scan for HCM as a preventative measure, this does not guarantee your kitty may or may not develop it**

Are you prepared to welcome this hairless bundle of joy into your home, where your new baby will find your clean towels, bedding, furniture, clothing, and more to sleep on and lovingly leave a nice brown, oily stain behind?

Will you still love him/her when he/she poops in the litter leaving a odour known only to those that love them, and a bum that will most likely require a wipe?

In signing this document, I declare this document to be answered honestly and truthfully, to the best of my knowledge.

8 + 10 =

If you do not see a ‘Success Message’ after submitting the form, scroll back up and see check if all required fields are filled out correctly. Fields not filled out correctly will appear in red.

If you are not prepared to handle the eye goobers, mud-butt, brown stains, constant need of attention, and a cat that will never out grow their kitten stage, this breed is NOT for you! Sphynx are high energy, mischievous, loving, dramatic, needy, into-everything-monkey-cats. Forget ever going to the bathroom alone, unpacking the groceries without help, sleeping alone, watching tv alone… They are truly the most amazing, dedicated, loyal, trusting, amusing companion you will ever meet. Once you go naked, you never go back. Welcome to your new addiction! 

We thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. Placing our kittens in their new homes is very exciting and rewarding for us, we look forward to sharing with you the amazing love your new Sphynx has to offer. We have the application to ensure that we are placing our kittens in the right homes. We are aware to some people it can be “just a cat”, we put much time and effort into raising healthy, well-socialized, loving Sphynx kittens. To us they are a member of the family, and we hope you feel the same.