Breed Standards

Head Shape: The head is a modified wedge shape, longer than wide, with flat forehead and prominent cheekbones. The chin and muzzle are well developed with a slight break at bridge of the nose.  The ears are very large, wide at the base, and wide open. They should be set wide and high on the skull and are tall, with rounded tips. The eyes should be large and almond-shaped, slightly slanted. They should not be recessed nor bug-eyed.. Any eye color is acceptable. Eyebrows and whiskers may be curly, broken, or completely absent.

Body and Tail: The body is small in size but hard and well-muscled. The belly may appear to be full and round like a “pot belly”. Wide, firm chest and torso. The neck is arched and muscular.  Legs are well-boned, wide-set and medium in length.  The feet are oval shaped with long, slender toes. The paw and toe pads are very thick giving a cushioned look to the walk. The tail is very thin and whip-like.

Coat: The cat should be basically hairless, or with some extremely fine, down-like hair. Many individuals are born with varying degrees of fur but should be bald by their second birthday. Kittens are often quite wrinkled, and Heavy wrinkles are desirable in the adult, especially on the head.

Pattern: All colors are allowed.

Overall Appearance: This is a small to medium size, well built cat with good bone. The cat should not appear overly dainty. The overall impression is amazing. Large ears, large, brilliant eyes, small, round, basically naked body. A truly unique cat. They should be bald and wrinkled, and the body should be very warm with a feel of velvet. This is an out-going, active and intelligent cat of great charm and unforgettable appearance.